Screenshots from Day 2

We’re already halfway through Minecraft Camp 2017–we can’t believe it!  Our Crafters are making some amazing stuff (and our Counselor Bryson made a tower out of pumpkins).  Check out what they’ve been cookin’ up today!


A Pumpkin Tower, lots of houses–including a big one–and a HUGE explosion.  The students will colonize the crater tomorrow; there’s already talk of a prison (!) and a vault going in.


Minecraft Elections 2017

For the first time ever, students decided to hold elections for Minecraft officers.  Here are the results:

  • Mayor:  Annalee
  • Vice-Mayor:  Victoria
  • Secretary:  Alex
  • Treasurer:  Boyd
  • Head Guard:  Evan
  • Secretary of State:  Steven

Quotes from the Crafters, Vol. 1

“I want to be the Vice-Mayor, and I am.” –Crafter Victoria

“I want to be in the jail!”  –Crafter Evan

“Put Steven in jail!”  –Various Crafters (Steven did not go to jail)

“Can you teleport me to [insert Crafter here]?!”  –ALL of the Crafters at some point

“Can I have a diamond [insert ridiculous item here]?!”  –Almost all of the Crafters at some point (usual response:  “No”)

Day 2 of Crafting is Underway!

We’re back for another day of Minecraft Camp!  Here’s the plan for today:

  • We installed the Custom NPCs mod, a perennial camp favorite.  We’ll begin playing around with that later this morning.
  • Camp Counselor Bryson Willis has constructed “Trump’s Vault,” which is full of goodies.  It’s hidden in a forest to the west of the fishing village he built yesterday.
  • Players are still working on their home village, and are (slowly) colonizing “Newland.”

Here are some views of the sunset from the Newland coast:

Who knew blocks could be so beautiful?

A Productive Day of Crafting

Day One of Minecraft Camp 2017 is in the books!  Here are some highlights:

  • Students explored the open-ended world (which we’re calling “Dobu”).
  • Students built houses, hovels, huts, etc.
  • We didn’t give the students many materials to get started, other than some iron pickaxes and a couple of iron axes apiece.  As such, everything they built required materials they mined or harvested themselves.
  • Quests/Missions:  We created a few short assignments and quests, which we hope to build off of tomorrow.  Students will colonize a new area of the map; continue construction of their home town; and keep exploring for buried treasure, etc.
  • Speaking of buried treasurer, Crafter Evan found the Lost Tomb of Randy, a fallen warrior who left behind some sumptuous golden apples!
  • Crafter Boyd began creating an economy based on emeralds.  We can’t make this stuff up.
  • Crafter Victoria built a lovely home.
  • Counselor Bryson Willis built a replica of a video game fishing village.
  • All of the Crafters received keychains from our 3D printer!

All in all, it was a great day with a fun group.  We’re excited for Day 2!