Day 1 Done!

Day 1 of MC Camp 2018 is in the books!  The kids dug up an ancient villain’s tomb; rediscovered the old village from last year’s camp (Crafter Alexander:  “I remember everything!  The memories are flooding back to me!”); and one little piggy got a sweet home.

We’re always struck by Minecraft’s ability to inspire the imagination of young and old alike.  It’s also a strikingly beautiful game.  Here’s a screenshot of the Twin Lava Falls in our world (“Minecraftia”).

We’re exciting for Day 2!



Brandigor’s Tomb

After our morning stretch break—with a light snack and some calisthenics outside—the Crafters raided Brandigor’s Tomb—unleashing an invasion of Zombie Pig Men and Magma critters!  Yikes!

Now, they’ve been tasked with finding the old village from last year’s camp.  What strange mysteries will this abandoned land hold?



The Battle of Brandigor

Students took on a big baddie, Brandigor the Dread Giant, this morning.  It was an epic battle, made possible with the Custom NPCs mod.  Camp Counselor Bryson Willis put together the quest–as well as a sweet ivory tower–this morning.

Brandigor had high hit points and attack, and could regenerate health (he lost his health regeneration ability when the students chanted “Shalalalala”–it was loud in the computer lab this morning).

During the battle, Brandigor fell from atop his mighty tower, and was finally defeated in the depths of Craterville.  Students received a sweet war hammer as their reward.

Screenshots from Day 3, featuring the Battle of Brandigor