The End of Minecraft Camp 2018

Due to some imminent work commitments post-camp, we were unable to update the blog last week for the last day of camp!  Well, never late than never—as long as it’s not late with starting camp!

The last day was EXPLOSIVE—literally!  Counselors Bryson and Rachael put together an amazing final quest for our Crafters.  They had to follow Mr. Cook through four temples, facing four bosses—the Elemental Spirits or some such—to save Minecraftia.

Unfortunately, it turns out those four baddies were actually keeping the very fabric of existence together.  After a brief period of free-for-all PVP, Crafter Alex accidentally set off a gigantic stack of TNT, which destroyed a huge chunk of the world and crashed the servers.

EXCEPT—unlike last year—we were able to ride out the crash, and the server recovered.  So next year’s Crafters may begin rebuilding amongst the rubble.

Next year’s camp will very likely be the second week of June 2019, so mark your calendars now.

See you next year!


Going out with a Bang…

We had a great camp this year, with lots of modding, building, and–of course–crafting.

The camp ended with a one-two punch of awesome:

1.) Crafter Boyd created the insidious “Shadow,” a malevolent force of pure evil.  The students defeated this (very, very difficult) NPC after a long fight, and received whatever they requested as a reward (within reason; “infinite emeralds” was, unfortunately, impossible to fulfill).

2.) After giving the students ten minutes of PVP action–they’d been begging for it all week–Counselor Bryson (“Mr. Willis” to the Crafters) created a MASSIVE TNT block to end the game with a bang.  The explosion was so huge, it crashed the server!  No worries, though–Mr. Cook saved the game map right before the carnage.  Maybe next year’s Campers can rebuild?

Some major destruction to end camp.  But from Chaos comes Order.