The End of Minecraft Camp 2018

Due to some imminent work commitments post-camp, we were unable to update the blog last week for the last day of camp!  Well, never late than never—as long as it’s not late with starting camp!

The last day was EXPLOSIVE—literally!  Counselors Bryson and Rachael put together an amazing final quest for our Crafters.  They had to follow Mr. Cook through four temples, facing four bosses—the Elemental Spirits or some such—to save Minecraftia.

Unfortunately, it turns out those four baddies were actually keeping the very fabric of existence together.  After a brief period of free-for-all PVP, Crafter Alex accidentally set off a gigantic stack of TNT, which destroyed a huge chunk of the world and crashed the servers.

EXCEPT—unlike last year—we were able to ride out the crash, and the server recovered.  So next year’s Crafters may begin rebuilding amongst the rubble.

Next year’s camp will very likely be the second week of June 2019, so mark your calendars now.

See you next year!


MCC2018 – Day 3!

Day 3 of Minecraft Camp has been a blast!  Before break, our Crafters played around with the mods we added yesterday.  Crafters Steven and Evan found Fingal’s Cave, which contained a Lucky Shovel, and Crafters Alex and Alexander continued playing with the Custom NPCs mod, making some cool traders—and a new hero, named after Bacon.

Counselors Bryson and Rachael built an incredible obstacle course that the Crafters braved after break.  After many accidental deaths, they finally found the treasure, hidden behind a secret switch.  Xxarbarak’al the Quantum Demon was not defeated, but his ridiculously well-guarded obstacle course was.

Quantum Demon

Tomorrow is the fourth and final day of Minecraft Camp 2018!  Will it go out with a bang like last year?  Stay tuned!

New Mods!

Our Crafters requested some mods at the end of camp today.  As I detailed in a post last year, we’re running an older version of Minecraft (version 1.7.10, Stable Build 22), which is what MinecraftEDU ran on before Microsoft obtained the property.  The new version of MCEdu runs only on Windows 10, and we’re still running Windows 7 (which, let’s be honest, is much more stable anyway), so we’re content to run our older build.

That said, it does limit some of the mods we can run, and our Crafters’ eyes are bigger than our spunky l’il build can handle.  As such, there are always a few mods that we simply can’t run; sorry, Crafters!

But Fortune smiles on the bold, and every year we manage to get some cool new mods working with MCEdu 1.7.10.  After camp today, Mr. Cook and Counselor Bryson got two much-requested mods, the Backpacks mod and the Extra Golems mod, to work!

That means that around 9 AM tomorrow, students will be begging for sweet new backpacks and diamond golem pals to hang around with.

As always, a brief disclaimerplease mod carefully.  We can’t vouch for the safety of some Minecraft mods that are out there.  As I wrote last year, some mods are perfectly safe, but are on websites riddled with click-bait and pop-up ads.  We’re not responsible if you pick up a nasty computer virus while trying to add zombie unicorns to your child’s build of Minecraft.

Note, too, that mods can seriously affect gameplay, and some mods are more like “total conversions” than simple add-ons (such as the popular Pixelmon mod that we’ve run in past years).  Also, some mods simply won’t “talk” to each other—they won’t work together!  Be sure to do your research before installing mods.

All the technical notes aside, we’re excited to see our l’il Crafters’ faces light up with delight when they get here tomorrow morning.

Happy Crafting!


Day 2!

Day 2 of Minecraft Camp is off to a great start.  Crafter Alexander figured out the (very confusing) Custom NPCs Mod, and wrote several lines of sequential dialogue for a big baddie he’s working on for a quest.  It’s very cool!

Crafter Evan has been begging for ninja armor, so he and Crafter Steven are building a sweet ninja dojo.

Crafter Alex is crafting weapons and furniture for the other campers in exchange for emeralds and other goods.

Counselors Bryson and Rachael built an incredible—and intimidating—ziggurat, which will factor into a major storyline after our morning break.


Day 1 Done!

Day 1 of MC Camp 2018 is in the books!  The kids dug up an ancient villain’s tomb; rediscovered the old village from last year’s camp (Crafter Alexander:  “I remember everything!  The memories are flooding back to me!”); and one little piggy got a sweet home.

We’re always struck by Minecraft’s ability to inspire the imagination of young and old alike.  It’s also a strikingly beautiful game.  Here’s a screenshot of the Twin Lava Falls in our world (“Minecraftia”).

We’re exciting for Day 2!