MCC2018 – Day 3!

Day 3 of Minecraft Camp has been a blast!  Before break, our Crafters played around with the mods we added yesterday.  Crafters Steven and Evan found Fingal’s Cave, which contained a Lucky Shovel, and Crafters Alex and Alexander continued playing with the Custom NPCs mod, making some cool traders—and a new hero, named after Bacon.

Counselors Bryson and Rachael built an incredible obstacle course that the Crafters braved after break.  After many accidental deaths, they finally found the treasure, hidden behind a secret switch.  Xxarbarak’al the Quantum Demon was not defeated, but his ridiculously well-guarded obstacle course was.

Quantum Demon

Tomorrow is the fourth and final day of Minecraft Camp 2018!  Will it go out with a bang like last year?  Stay tuned!