MCC2018 – Day 3!

Day 3 of Minecraft Camp has been a blast!  Before break, our Crafters played around with the mods we added yesterday.  Crafters Steven and Evan found Fingal’s Cave, which contained a Lucky Shovel, and Crafters Alex and Alexander continued playing with the Custom NPCs mod, making some cool traders—and a new hero, named after Bacon.

Counselors Bryson and Rachael built an incredible obstacle course that the Crafters braved after break.  After many accidental deaths, they finally found the treasure, hidden behind a secret switch.  Xxarbarak’al the Quantum Demon was not defeated, but his ridiculously well-guarded obstacle course was.

Quantum Demon

Tomorrow is the fourth and final day of Minecraft Camp 2018!  Will it go out with a bang like last year?  Stay tuned!


Day 2!

Day 2 of Minecraft Camp is off to a great start.  Crafter Alexander figured out the (very confusing) Custom NPCs Mod, and wrote several lines of sequential dialogue for a big baddie he’s working on for a quest.  It’s very cool!

Crafter Evan has been begging for ninja armor, so he and Crafter Steven are building a sweet ninja dojo.

Crafter Alex is crafting weapons and furniture for the other campers in exchange for emeralds and other goods.

Counselors Bryson and Rachael built an incredible—and intimidating—ziggurat, which will factor into a major storyline after our morning break.


Day 1 Done!

Day 1 of MC Camp 2018 is in the books!  The kids dug up an ancient villain’s tomb; rediscovered the old village from last year’s camp (Crafter Alexander:  “I remember everything!  The memories are flooding back to me!”); and one little piggy got a sweet home.

We’re always struck by Minecraft’s ability to inspire the imagination of young and old alike.  It’s also a strikingly beautiful game.  Here’s a screenshot of the Twin Lava Falls in our world (“Minecraftia”).

We’re exciting for Day 2!


Going out with a Bang…

We had a great camp this year, with lots of modding, building, and–of course–crafting.

The camp ended with a one-two punch of awesome:

1.) Crafter Boyd created the insidious “Shadow,” a malevolent force of pure evil.  The students defeated this (very, very difficult) NPC after a long fight, and received whatever they requested as a reward (within reason; “infinite emeralds” was, unfortunately, impossible to fulfill).

2.) After giving the students ten minutes of PVP action–they’d been begging for it all week–Counselor Bryson (“Mr. Willis” to the Crafters) created a MASSIVE TNT block to end the game with a bang.  The explosion was so huge, it crashed the server!  No worries, though–Mr. Cook saved the game map right before the carnage.  Maybe next year’s Campers can rebuild?

Some major destruction to end camp.  But from Chaos comes Order.


Battle of Creepzilla

As we type this post, Crafter Boyd is describing the big bad boss he created, “Shadow.”  The students have been playing around with the Custom NPCs mod (as well as a few others) today, and Crafter Boyd has cooked up an epic quest (pictures to come).

This morning, crafters fought Creepzilla, who terrorized Seyda Neen (after Creepzilla was slain, Seyda Neen exploded–d’oh!).

What a Creep(er)