Minecraft Camp 2017 – The End of an Era

It was a really fun week with our Crafters.  They went on epic quests, fought big baddies (sometimes of their own design), and built amazing structures.  We hope to see our Crafters back next year–and have new Crafters join us!

Have a great summer–and Happy Crafting!

Minecraft Camp 2017 - Group Photo

Minecraft Camp 2017 Crafters (photo credit:  Matthew Sanders)
L-R, Front Row:  Crafters Victoria, Boyd, Alex, Evan, and Steven
L-R, Back Row:  Crafter Annalee, Counselor Bryson, Camp Facilitator Mr. Cook


Last Day of Camp 2017

It’s a bittersweet day for our Crafters–it’s the last day of camp for Minecraft Camp 2017!  We handed our camp t-shirts this morning, as well as some cool 3D printed trinkets.  We also had a new camper, Crafter Cade, join us this morning.

Here are some pictures from this morning.  We’ll have a group shot up later today!

Memories to Last a Lifetime… or until 12 PM today.


Screenshots from Day 2

We’re already halfway through Minecraft Camp 2017–we can’t believe it!  Our Crafters are making some amazing stuff (and our Counselor Bryson made a tower out of pumpkins).  Check out what they’ve been cookin’ up today!


A Pumpkin Tower, lots of houses–including a big one–and a HUGE explosion.  The students will colonize the crater tomorrow; there’s already talk of a prison (!) and a vault going in.